About the Artist
  Christopher Sheldon was born in 1978.
  He studied under Paul Ingbretson for six years in Manchester at the Ingbretson Studio of Drawing and Painting where he learned accurate draftsmanship and Impressionistic Color.
  He studied in the Boston School style of painting following the traditional methods of Cast Drawing, Still Life Painting, Figure Drawing, and Portrait Painting. Under Master Painter Paul Ingretson he also learned the art of "how to see" the visual world in patterns of value, light effects, and impressionistic color.

Art is about Love, Beauty, Light, and the Pursuit of Truth.

I am first and foremost a figure painter. My work tends to focus on humanity's relationship with those elements, particularly in relationship with nature.
I'd like to inspire people to think more about the relationship they have with nature, including their own human nature and the great nobility, grace, and beauty they can achieve.

I also just like to paint pretty pictures:)
Artist's Statement